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The strongest and cleanest Coffee in our range.

Vietnam is well known for its robusta bean.

  • Robusta coffee has twice the caffeine
  • Fewer calories
  • Makes up 90% of Vietnam's coffee production
  • Number 1 producer of robusta beans in the world

We recommend using drip-style brewing for robusta beans. Check out our Phin Filters that perfectly goes well with the robusta.

  • Available in 250g, 500g, and 1kg
  • Either Whole Beans or Grounded (Fine)
Grown in Vietnam, Roasted in Australia
100% Single Origin Robusta from Vietnam's Central Highlands
Intense, Clean, Cocoa, Strong (And We Mean It)

Not sure which Vietnamese coffee blend is right for you? Try the 
Cocochine product recommendation quiz.

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews

Coffee is dry, no smell and tastes like it is stale. Definitely not Vietnamese coffee. As I purchase coffee from a Vietnamese grocery store in Canley Vale, l cannot compare the two.

Eva L
The coffee we miss from Viet Nam we can enjoy at home

Having recently returned from a trip to Viet Nam, we are already talking about going back! After 2 weeks of their coffee, when we get home to regional Qld, there's only one little cafe that makes Vietnamese Iced Coffee, but thats 30mins from home.

I came across Cocochine coffee online and it is goooooooooooood!! Sure I'd prefer to be drinking it on a little red plastic stool - but for now, I'll keep my Viet Nam return dream alive with every cup.

David Stevens
Good taste

I found the coffee has a lovely taste, but just wasn't quite strong enough for me.

Vanessa Wight
Just Great Coffee

Fell in love with the the Robusta while on holidays in Vietnam and ordered this coffee when I got home and it had not disappointed me at all. Love the full flavour without the bitterness and the hit of caffeine does wonders for my to do list.

Chris Hamilton

Nice strong coffee. Flavour is not quite the same as those had in Vietnam. Seems to have some South American notes in it.