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Arabica and Robusta
Arabica and Robusta
Arabica and Robusta
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Arabica and Robusta

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If you can't decide between arabica or robusta coffee... Why not both?

Cocochine Coffee's Arabica and Robusta blend is about a 50:50 ratio. We believe this is what brings out the best flavours from both beans. You'll get notes of chocolate and nuts for a sweet, yet smooth taste.

Can you really say you're a true coffee snob if you haven't tried Vietnamese coffee? If you're getting bored of more traditional coffee blends, this is exactly what you need to spice up your life.

Start your mornings off with something more unique. You'll actually want to put your phone away, just to 'be present' with your cup of coffee. We would argue it even counts as a daily meditation.

Our beans are grown in Vietnam and roasted in Australia. Maximum authenticity. Maximum freshness. Can't say no to that!

  • Available in 250g, 500g, and 1kg
  • Either Whole Beans or Grounded (Fine)
Arabica & Robusta from Vietnam's Central Highlands
Chocolate, Sweet, Smooth and Nutty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Roger Tallentire
Love my new coffee

This coffee is the best

Janne Rennex

I think it is a bit too strong for me though otherwise a very nice blend.

Caitlin T
What a taste!

I bought the 180ml phin with the Arabica & Robusta blend and it definitely compliments each other. Watching the coffee drip down the chamber was definitely IG content material!
Start your mornings with this coffee.
Will order more!

Celine P.
You've got a customer for life

This coffee is so smooth and SO aromatic. My mum is an old school Vietnamese lady who loves coffee and isn't easily impressed - but you've gotten her hooked. We'll be coming back for more!!

Smooth and strong

I've never been much of a coffee person, sticking with sweet options that aren't too strong (bar the occasional all-nighter of course). However, this coffee blend and Cocochine's filters have changed this completely!

This coffee has a beautiful flavour and texture to it. This allows you to really mess around with quantities and additional flavours without worrying about dampening the coffee flavour too much (my personal thing to mix in is condensed milk)

Truly went from only drinking coffee on busy/ study days to drinking it almost every morning just for the experience of it. Definitely recommend!